Impel CEO & Co-founder Devin Daly wins Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2024 New York Award | Read More

Impel CEO & Co-founder Devin Daly wins Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2024 New York Award | Read More

Service AI

Conversational AI for Dealership Service Departments

Supplement your service operations and grow service revenue with automated outreach and personalized communication.

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Put the power of conversational AI to work.

Most dealerships don’t have the time, nor the resources to focus on proactive business development for their service operation, and outsourced marketing partners are simply too expensive. Service AI provides a cost-effective, fully-automated communication platform that enables dealers to drive more service appointments. By continuously mining vehicle purchase and service records, Service AI targets prospective customers at key points throughout the ownership lifecycle. And with hyper-personalized messages, you’ll see higher response rates than with any other conversational AI solution available today.

Generate more service

Increase customer

Improve operational

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“Service AI has boosted our service revenue”

“Service AI helps relieve the pressure in the service department when it comes to phone calls, following up on appointments, and reaching out to customers to bring them back in. We are seeing a lot of customers clicking the buttons and making appointments through the conversational AI instead of calling in – and that has boosted our service revenue. In turn, that gives our service advisors more time to focus on customers in front of them. Overall, we are highly satisfied with Service AI.”

Bill Josaphouitch
GM | Jaguar Land Rover


Dealership service operations are a critical driver of gross profit and customer loyalty. In fact, 74% of car buyers whose vehicle was serviced by the dealership of purchase are likely to return there to buy their next vehicle. That’s why dealers need to do everything they can to attract service customers.

Source: Cox Automotive

Service AI Drives Fixed Ops Revenue and
Customer Retention at Fred Anderson Toyota

Personalized communication on their terms.

Vehicle sellers need to adapt their service outreach strategy to today’s on-the-go consumer: that’s why Service AI leverages email communications, along with data-driven response optimization algorithms, to deliver the industry’s highest shopper engagement rates — all while keeping consumer data safe and secure. Impel maintains a steadfast commitment to respecting consumer privacy and adhering to all state and federal communication regulations.

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Service AI

Maximize customer lifetime value 

Service AI helps dealers build customer loyalty with relevant and timely communications at every stage of vehicle ownership.  

Pit Stop

Bring customers back within 30 days of their purchase for a white-glove check-in and vehicle walkthrough that primes them for continued service.

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First Service

Invite customers to schedule first service appointments and set up an ongoing service plan.

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Next Service

Provide timely reminders to customers to schedule next service appointments, driving customer loyalty.

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Declined Services

Follow-up to re-engage customers and reinforce the value of recommended services and additional options.


Obtain valuable customer feedback and address any concerns ahead of CSI surveys.

State Inspection

Make it easy for customers to visit the dealership for inspection services that lead to additional service opportunities.

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Expiring Warranty

Capitalize on opportunities to extend warranty and protection services – or stimulate additional vehicle sales.

Lost Customers

Re-engage lapsed customers with relevant and timely content to generate additional service appointments.

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Vehicle Recall

Engage customers with OEM-subsidized recall services to drive additional service opportunities.


7 out of 10 car buyers have their vehicle serviced somewhere other than the dealership where they purchased. For the average dealer, that represents a lost revenue opportunity of more than $625,000 per year.

Source: Industry estimates

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Personalized outreach — at scale.

  • Supports full lifecycle communications from post-sale check-up and first service to expiring warranty and more
  • Integrates with dealership DMS to target messages based on purchase and service history
  • Powered by conversational AI for hyper-personalized communication
  • Fully optimized outreach timing and follow-up cadence to maximize results

Intelligent automation for service communications.

Service AI mines DMS records and repair order (RO) history to identify the most appropriate service recommendations, even for customers who have visited the dealership for previous service appointments. By sending carefully timed, personalized messages that allow customers to book appointments directly on your dealership’s service calendar, you’ll drive greater productivity in your service operation. Automated notifications and service department handoffs ensure that service managers are able to speak with customers who may require additional assistance.

Technology that works for your service drive.

Compatible with all major DMS platforms

Service AI works with all major DMS platforms, so you can be sure that every customer communication is timely and relevant.

Real-time appointment scheduling

By connecting customers directly to your service calendar, appointment scheduling is seamless and efficient for you and your customers.

No process change required

Service AI is a fully-automated communication solution – all you need to do is continue delivering great service to your customers.

Grow your business with Service AI.

Put the power of conversational AI to work in your service drive. Request a demo today to learn what Impel can do for you.