Impel CEO & Co-founder Devin Daly wins Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2024 New York Award | Read More

Impel CEO & Co-founder Devin Daly wins Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2024 New York Award | Read More

Feature Tour

A revolutionary way to showcase each vehicle’s most valuable features throughout your VDPs.


Tell each vehicle’s story to maintain your margins.

Today’s technically-advanced vehicles are filled with features that are difficult to explain. Long lists and descriptions only add to shoppers’ confusion. Feature Tour embeds carefully curated, VIN-specific videos, images, and explainer content everywhere shoppers interact with feature information on your VDPs, highlighting and articulating the key feature of every vehicle.

See for yourself how Feature Tour showcases your vehicle’s most valuable features.

Bring key vehicle features to life online.

Traditional feature lists are filled with confusing acronyms and technical jargon. Feature Tour changes all that with easy-to-understand highlights of every value-added feature. Shoppers are presented with multiple opportunities to engage with feature content, leading to increased engagement that moves them further along the sales process – with no need to leave your website to conduct additional research.

Cluttered Feature List

Impel’s Feature Showcase


Impel’s Feature Tour application is powered by the industry’s most complete library of multimedia content, spanning more than ten thousand vehicle features from 50 OEMs.

A better way to build shopper confidence—and knowledge.

  • Showcase vehicle features in easy-to-understand ways
  • Educate customers with rich, OEM-endorsed multimedia content
  • Establish each vehicle’s value & justify the listed price
  • Deliver what shoppers want and need, directly on your VDP
  • Provide multiple opportunities for shoppers to engage with VIN-specific vehicle information
A smartphone screen highlighting car safety features such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning, for informative purposes.

A more engaging shopping experience.

Make it easy (and engaging) for your shopper. Feature Tour’s clean and intuitive interface helps shoppers quickly locate specific features of interest. Put shoppers in control with instant access to detailed explanations of each feature—and keep them on your site longer.

Salesman with an ipad.

An effective showroom floor solution.

The dizzying number of feature options, technological complexity, ever-changing inventory and sheer number of models make it harder than ever for sales personnel to maintain detailed vehicle knowledge. That’s why the most progressive dealers leverage Feature Tour’s OEM-endorsed, VIN-specific merchandising content on their website as well as in the showroom. With the industry’s leading OEM content library at their fingertips, your sales reps can give prospective buyers the knowledge they deserve.

Seamless integration with more than 150 website and feed providers.

Easy to implement with no process change required.

Compatible with your
existing systems

Feature Tour works seamlessly and flawlessly for any dealer: after all, it integrates with more than 150 different auto industry providers and platforms.

Covers your entire inventory
of new and used vehicles

No vehicle will be left behind. Impel’s comprehensive content library delivers a visually engaging experience that heightens interactivity.

Get it live on your website
in 48 hours

Feature Tour requires no operational process changes and no training—so you can start seeing tangible results almost immediately.

Why Dealers Choose Impel

“We’ve had shoppers who said they were shopping on other sites that didn’t have this feature, and they recommended friends and family to go to our site that had this feature so they could look through the car and take a really good look…[with Feature Tour]. The consumers are coming in more knowledgeable about our vehicle. The can see the condition of the car better. The feedback is that they feel more comfortable taking a longer dirve to come see a car than they did when we were justing putting up static pictures.

“We love the 360 spin car feature, and just started using Feature Tour, which will also helps educate the customer on the features of the vehicle and is even vin specific!”


” [Feature Tour] allows the customer to view the safety, convenience, performance and technology features, plus, the factory installed upgrades. The videos walk you through the safety and technology of the vehicles. Impel really allows the customer to easily do their research on their desired vehicle.”


Tell your story with Feature Tour.

Deliver the information shoppers crave and watch them fall in love with your vehicles. Request your demo today.