Impel adds WhatsApp messaging to AI-Powered Customer Lifecycle Management Platform | Read More

Impel adds WhatsApp messaging to AI-Powered Customer Lifecycle Management Platform | Read More

AI Image Enhancement

Computer Vision AI that transforms vehicle photos into consistent, studio-quality images across your entire website.


AI Virtual Booth:
A premium photo booth
for your digital showroom.

Impel’s AI Virtual Booth delivers an authentic photo booth experience without the need for expensive capital investments, additional hardware or dedicated physical space. Featuring a variety of adaptive 3-D backgrounds and customization options, AI Virtual Booth provides a realistic studio environment that increases interactivity and establishes visual consistency across your VDPs and vehicle spins.

Vehicle images that stand
out from the crowd.

Impel’s advanced image & background enhancement technology enables dealers to showcase their vehicles with clean, consistent, professional-looking visuals and background environments. Powered by adaptive computer vision AI, Impel’s automated imaging solution optimizes image quality, removes background clutter and ensures compliance with OEM-mandated imaging requirements – by delivering rich and authentic inventory photos for every vehicle on your lot.


Impel’s image processing engine automatically updates every SRP image according to specifications


AI photo enhancements and edits are instantly applied at the time of image upload

Cost Effective

Our fully integrated background editor and AI photo enhancement solution requires no user intervention and no process changes

Studio-quality image processing and customized studio backgrounds that highlight your vehicles – and nothing else.

A Chevrolet SUV parked in front of a car dealership, ready for viewing.

Seamless syndication to leading marketplace sites.

Unlike traditional photo editing services, Impel’s AI-powered image and background enhancement technology instantly updates your vehicle photos – with no user intervention required. And through direct integrations with leading third-party marketplaces including CarGurus,, Edmunds and AutoTrader, SRP images are automatically updated wherever your inventory is listed. Get the upper hand by delivering a consistent brand experience wherever consumers are shopping.

A clean and dynamic interior viewing experience.

With Impel’s AI photo & background enhancement technology, shoppers are able to explore every aspect of a vehicle’s interior in a rich and dynamic panoramic format. By leveraging computer vision AI to remove unwanted visual distractions, dealers are able to deliver clean and authentic interior viewing experiences across their entire website.


The consistency
shoppers crave.

In today’s competitive retail environment, dealers need to eliminate friction at every point in the shopping process. Cluttered, inconsistent vehicle images not only fail to meet many OEM requirements, they also add unnecessary distraction for consumers. That’s why leading retailers turn to Impel to help them deliver a consistent showroom-quality experience online.

The auto industry’s most advanced AI photo enhancement technology.

  • Adaptive 3D backgrounds and shadows for an ultra-realistic 360º photo booth experience
  • Computer Vision AI that automatically adjusts image perspective regardless of camera distance, pitch or height
  • AI-based denoising for the highest resolution
    images possible
  • License-plate blurring and dealer-branded plate overlay options available

Integration with more than 100 website providers and leading online marketplaces.

Make your inventory shine.

Enrich your retail experience with AI-enabled image and background enhancement that transforms your online showroom. Request a demo today to learn what Impel can do for you.