Impel Acquires Automotive Customer Engagement Platform Outsell
in $100M+ Deal, Expanding to 8,000 Dealerships, 51 Countries. | Details


Impel Acquires Automotive Customer Engagement Platform Outsell
in $100M+ Deal, Expanding to 8,000 Dealerships, 51 Countries. | Details



Conversational AI that continues the conversation

Say hello to the industry’s most advanced automated communication platform. Working day and night, so you can always be there, even when you aren’t.

Technology that works, even when your dealership sleeps.

We live in an always-on world. Your staff is busy, and consumers expect immediate answers no matter what time of day or night. With Impel’s always-on communication solution, you can rest easy knowing that your newest “employee” is working around the clock – ensuring that every shopper and customer receives the same level of attention that they would get if they walked through your showroom door.

Night time car dealership.
Late night conversation

Chat AI

Reimagine your web chat experience.

Chat AI engages website visitors with hyper-personalized, humanlike conversations designed to drive dealer business outcomes. It’s NOT a chatbot – Chat AI is a fully automated solution featuring the natural language processing capabilities of generative AI, a proprietary mix of large language models (LLMs), and system integrations and optimizations designed specifically for auto retailers like you. Get more quality lead conversions, increased showroom appointments, and lower abandon rates – without needing to constantly rescue conversations. With Chat AI, you’ll be able to turn online shoppers into buyers.

sales ai Copilot

Conversational AI that converts more leads.

Your BDC and Sales teams are busy, so let Impel do the “busy work.” Sales AI ensures immediate and persistent follow-up with every digital lead. With conversational dialogue delivered through email and SMS text, Sales AI engages consumers in human-like interactions and hands off ready-to-buy shoppers to your Sales personnel. You can focus on selling while Impel handles the rest.

Sales AI improves lead conversion and sales
team efficiency at Rohrman Automotive Group.


AI-based SMS texting drives meaningful business results

Dealers adding SMS Texting to their internet lead handing process generate 3x engagement rates when compared to email alone.

Source: Impel customer data

service ai

Automated outreach that drives your service lanes further.

Your customer relationships shouldn’t end with the sale. Service AI enables dealers to deliver personalized service communications through conversational AI software that drives customer loyalty – and revenue. By intelligently mining DMS data and proactively reaching out to customers with highly relevant service and recall reminders, Service AI drives lasting customer relationships and meaningful business results.


Maximizing Service Penetration is critical to Lifetime Value

74% of car buyers whose vehicle was serviced by the dealership of purchase are likely to return there to purchase their next vehicle.

Source: Cox Automotive survey

Service AI improves appointment rates and service repair orders at O’Brien Auto Team.

F&I Pursuit Pricing Packages

F&I Pursuit

After the sale F&I retailing.

F&I sales are a significant driver of dealership profitability. But not all vehicle buyers are comfortable purchasing vehicle protection products at the dealership. What if there was a way to offer your customers the ability to buy supplemental protection products after the sale – from the comfort of their own home. With F&I Pursuit, there is. Fully automated outreach, turnkey transaction processing and no staff effort required. It’s the easy way to generate incremental F&I sales for your dealership.

VINtelligent AI

A better way to bring shoppers back to your dealership.

Investing in digital advertising is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a necessity. But traditional banners and display ads are notoriously inefficient at driving high-quality traffic to your website. The solution? Impel’s VINtelligent AI engine. Our automated technology helps you generate greater ROI from your existing marketing spend by engaging the highest-value shoppers with hyper-personalized digital experiences. Stand out from the crowd and drive your performance marketing to new heights.

Why Dealers Choose Impel

“Service AI helps relieve the pressure in the service department when it comes to phone calls, following up on appointments, and reaching out to customers to bring them back in. We are seeing a lot of customers clicking the buttons and making appointments through the conversational AI instead of calling in – and that has boosted our service revenue. In turn, that gives our service advisors more time to focus on customers in front of them. Overall, we are highly satisfied with Service AI.”

“We have been very pleased with Impel and love the AI product in particular. With our unique dealer profiles in place, I am able to manage the best response times we’ve ever seen and customers’ questions are being answered in a very professional manner. Our salespeople are able to source the leads much more effectively and the after-hours contact frees up my staff in evenings on their personal time. All the while the AI is setting appointments and answering questions. Next level tech to be sure!”

“Super easy to set up and use. After a few questions the AI is able to answer customers questions or direct sales to reach out. Customers often come in asking for the AI it does such a good job!”

“Putting Hannah (Sales AI) in our dealership was by far the best technological decision I’ve ever made in 4.5 years, and that includes changing a CRM. Ever since implementing her, we had 2 or 3 tweaks on the communication style that we needed to change a little bit, but other than that, she just – out of the box – performs. And it blows Conversica out of the water.”

What sets Impel’s Communication Suite apart?

Next-Generation Conversational AI

No auto-responders or chatbots here. Impel’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP) technology and machine learning algorithms deliver conversational interactions so lifelike that customers will ask for your AI by name!

Seamless Platform

Impel’s fully integrated communication platform works with your existing systems for maximum operational effectiveness and staff adoption. And our automated scheduling function reduces administrative overhead while delivering higher sales and service appointment show rates.

Immediate ROI

Once you launch Impel’s conversational AI for dealerships, you’ll see results almost instantly. Your AI goes to work immediately, responding to shopper leads and reaching out to customers to drive service appointments and incremental VSC purchases. Now that’s smart automation.

Works with all major
CRM and DMS platforms.

Keep the conversation
going, 24/7.

Impel’s superior conversational AI software keeps the conversation going and the relationship growing. Get in touch to learn what AI can do for you.