Impel CEO & Co-founder Devin Daly wins Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2024 New York Award | Read More

Impel CEO & Co-founder Devin Daly wins Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2024 New York Award | Read More

An auction lot.

Wholesale Auctions

Deliver a better auction experience for buyers and sellers.

Impel helps auctions of every size take advantage of the newest digital merchandising capabilities and technology. Building greater buyer confidence, driving higher sales proceeds and delivering operational efficiencies for your business – it’s all yours. Brought to you by Impel.

Driving exceptional auction performance.

More engaged buyers

Digital merchandising holds the key to engaging today’s wholesale buyer. Impel’s interactive merchandising products build stronger demand by helping buyers understand the true value of every vehicle.

Greater bidding activity

Adding new levels of interactivity to online vehicle listings generates greater shopper interest. Auctions using Impel’s engagement platform generate more bids per vehicle.

Higher selling prices

Greater transparency creates greater levels of trust – and trust drives buyer behavior. Adding Impel-powered experiences to online auctions generates an average increase of $300 – $600 in proceeds per vehicle.

Impel for Wholesale Auctions

With online channels now driving nearly half of all sales activity for the nations’ largest auction service providers, digital has become a key driver of success. Wholesale buyers and sellers are embracing digital auto auction solutions at their dealerships, and they expect the same level of technical capabilities from their auction partners. Impel is paving the way for true business transformation across the entire auction industry.


“Using Impel for our simulcast auctions has been a game changer! Our views have nearly tripled and online bidder registration has gone up by 30%”

Andrew Hinojos, General Manger, Midland-Odessa Auto Auction

Condition reporting for a digital world

Impel’s Capture App and Damage Tagging products offer the industry’s most advanced set of tools for cataloging a vehicle’s condition, enabling wholesale buyers to explore the exterior, interior and even undercarriage from any angle.

And the best part – Impel’s vehicle imaging process is faster and less expensive than traditional photography solutions.

An indispensible partner
for leading auctions

“Impel continues to drive impressive results for our independent auction customers. They’re transforming the way that inventory is merchandised online, increasing engagement and trust as buyers explore every interior and exterior detail of the car right from their phone, tablet, or PC. That’s led to increased proceeds and more bidding activity for auction vehicles. Impel has truly become an indispensable partner to the most progressive and forward-thinking independent auctions.”

Source: Dan Diedrich, CEO, Auction Edge

A digital display showing a car and truck parked in a lot, for visual representation.

Showcasing valuable vehicle features

Impel’s Feature Tour enables sellers to capture the attention of buyers by highlighting a vehicle’s most valuable features when it matters most – while they participate in simulcast auction events.

It’s next-level auto auction solutions that drive more bids and higher auction proceeds for vehicle sellers.

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More efficient
vehicle prep

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More bids per vehicle

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Higher auction proceeds

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Digital business transformation

“Thanks to Impel, our online auction attendence is up this year… Impel provides a great product and auctions that aren’t using it are going to fall behind.”

Brian Hocket
Assistant General Manager
Ameria’s Auto Auction St. Louis

“We view Impel as a technological competitive advantage for our auction. It has driven a significant uptick in vehicle views and increased sales on a all of our platforms, including in lane.”

John Poteet
CEO and Managing Partner
Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction

Auto auction solutions for businesses of every size

Seamless integrations

The Impel platform integrates with existing inspection processes and condition reporting tools for rapid adoption and greater operational efficiency.

Flexible and portable

Impel’s digital merchandising products require no fixed equipment and no dedicated space. Lot reps are able to prep vehicles anywhere on the lot.

High-quality images

Easy-to-use tools and advanced photo capabilities enable anyone to visually document a vehicle’s condition while also generating fully-interactive 360° WalkArounds.

Ready to take your auction to the next level?

Let us show you what the future of wholesale retailing looks like. It’s here today and it’s available from Impel.