Impel Acquires Automotive Customer Engagement Platform Outsell
in $100M+ Deal, Expanding to 8,000 Dealerships, 51 Countries. | Details


Impel Acquires Automotive Customer Engagement Platform Outsell
in $100M+ Deal, Expanding to 8,000 Dealerships, 51 Countries. | Details


Retain more
customers and drive
more revenue with
Impel AI

Impel AI enables independent auto service shops to keep customers coming back, solving the age-old problem of Aftermarket retention. Impel AI delivers more repeat customers - and more repair and maintenance revenue.

Unleash the full potential of your shop with Impel AI

Repair shops simply don’t have the time, resources, or scale to proactively re-engage customers on a consistent basis. Impel AI fully automates customer outreach and scheduling by continuously mining Point of Sale (POS) records and delivering personalized messages throughout the ownership experience. 

You'll experience revenue growth and more customer loyalty while your team focuses on what they do best: delivering quality repairs and maintenance.

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Personalized outreach to every customer – at scale

  • Drives maintenance revenue with timely outreach via texting and email
  • Tirelessly mines your Point of Sale (POS) system to send the right message at the right time
  • Follows up with content that maximizes customer engagement
  • Offers configurable outreach timing and frequency
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AI automation that delivers more
customer loyalty with less work

Leveraging cutting-edge conversational AI capability and predictive analytics, Impel AI automatically reaches out with customized communications based on each customers' service and repair history. You'll see greater customer engagement and more appointments - all without the need for additional staff, software, or processes.

Maximize customer retention
with relevant communications
throughout the customer lifecycle

  • Powered by generative conversational AI for hyper-personalized communication
  • Supports the full customer lifecycle, from check-ups and maintenance to declined services, abandoned customers, and more
  • Enables customers to set appointments directly on your service scheduler
  • Fully optimized outreach timing and follow-up cadence to maximize results

AI-enabled customer loyalty lets you do more of
what you do best

Repeat business is critical to increasing repair and maintenance profits. Studies confirm that retaining current customers is easier (and less costly) than acquiring new ones. Impel AI helps ensure that your service and repair operation remains top of mind with your customers, targeting them at key points throughout the ownership lifecycle, boosting engagement, and driving return appointments. That way, your staff is free to do more of the other activity that keeps customers coming back: providing excellent service. 

Make it easy for customers to choose you with Impel AI.

Meaningful Impact for Your Aftermarket Business      

  • Brings current, abandoned, and dormant customers back to your business
  • Enables real-time customer record updates
  • Improves database accuracy by identifying and correcting outdated, duplicate, or incomplete vehicle records
  • Identifies missed opportunities and services
  • Enables accurate maintenance service quotes using shop-defined service schedules
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Technology that works for your repair and
maintenance operation


Compatible with major
Point of Sale platforms

Seamless integrations ensure relevant, timely, and accurate communications.



Real-time appointment
scheduling and handoffs

Enables customers to schedule appointments directly, or delivers qualified handoffs to your staff for efficient booking.



No process
change required

Fully automated solution that enables you to continue delivering great service to your customers.

More engaging customer experiences. Greater staff productivity. Better business results.

See for yourself what Impel AI can do for you.