Impel Acquires Automotive Customer Engagement Platform Outsell
in $100M+ Deal, Expanding to 8,000 Dealerships, 51 Countries. | Details


Impel Acquires Automotive Customer Engagement Platform Outsell
in $100M+ Deal, Expanding to 8,000 Dealerships, 51 Countries. | Details

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Dealership groups

Level up your enterprise with the industry’s most advanced Automotive AI platform.

Deliver exceptional shopper experiences across every customer touchpoint and every store in your group. Impel’s advanced AI-powered customer lifecycle management platform adds a powerful new set of omnichannel capabilities to your existing technology stack – creating a scalable competitive advantage for your entire organization.

Optimize business results across the entire enterprise.


Improvement in inventory turns


Lift in VDP conversion rate


Increase in showroom appointments

Impel for Dealer Groups

The Impel Platform provides everything you need to deliver a more engaging and impactful car shopping experience across every rooftop.

A Chevrolet Silverado available for sale on ASA's website, highlighted for potential buyers.


Supercharge your digital showrooms.

Deliver a more engaging, best-in-class online experience that increases car dealership conversion rates and optimizes your digital retailing efforts across every store. It’s next-level merchandising for your entire enterprise.


Deliver exceptional conversations – any time of day or night.

Maximize the value of every customer interaction with superior conversational AI technology that drives greater business results for your BDC, Service Drive and F&I office. Intelligent automation that never sleeps, even after closing time.



Add that showroom shine to your vehicle images.

You take exceptional pride in your showroom appearance, and you should expect nothing less from your digital storefront. Impel’s advanced imaging solution enables every dealership in your group to generate professional-grade images for every vehicle, every time. Efficiency and quality for your photography operation – guaranteed.

Data analytics graphic.

Performance insights across your entire operation.

Keep your finger on the pulse of every dealership, whether you manage dozens or hundreds of rooftops. Impel’s enterprise analytics and reporting engine helps you monitor and optimize performance in every area of the business. From imaging to merchandising, lead management to service communications, our performance insights will help your teams deliver superior results.

Powering an Ecosystem of Industry Innovators.

Why Dealers Choose Impel

Better Shopper Engagement!

“Impel has helped us drive significantly better shopper engagement and it distinguishes us from our competition.”

Highly Recommend!

“If you are a dealership looking for an innovative and state of the art product suite, look no further than Impel. I have implemented Impel in all of my dealerships and I am extremely satisfied. I would highly recommend Impel to any of my dealer friends out there.”

Five Stars!

“Impel is awesome and I’d definitely recommend it to other dealers. Customers seem to love it, and it’s a super quick and easy way to get an in-depth look of a car. Five stars!”

A platform that works seamlessly with the systems you already use.

Digital Engagement Platform

Technology built for enterprise
dealer groups.


When it comes to data security and consumer privacy, you’ll always have peace of mind with Impel. Our strict system and process controls for data access and communications mean that you’ll never to think about anything other than growing your business.


We take pride in providing dealers with best-in-class customer support. From onboarding and training, to technical support and performance monitoring, you can be sure that you’ll always have a partner you can trust.


With an infrastructure that supports thousands of customers worldwide and some of the largest retailers in the industry, our technology platform was built for scale. No matter how you grow, Impel will be there for your business, now and in the future.

Elevate Your Enterprise Performance.

In an industry where the largest retailers are growing bigger each day, you need a competitive edge. Let us show you how Impel can drive your business forward.