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Creating Exterior 360º WalkArounds with Still Photos

The essence of a vehicle isn’t just in its movement but also in its stillness. Impel recognizes the power of static imagery, transforming them into dynamic 360º WalkArounds that captivate and engage.

The process starts outdoors. Choose an environment that complements the vehicle, letting its design take center stage. Each shot should be meticulously planned, ensuring consistent distance and angles, capturing the vehicle’s curves and features in their entirety.

Once a series of high-resolution still photos encircling the vehicle is secured, the magic of Impel’s platform takes over. Using advanced algorithms, the photos are seamlessly merged, creating a fluid, interactive 360º view. The result is a virtual experience that allows viewers to orbit around the vehicle, appreciating its design and details from every angle.

With Impel’s innovative approach, what starts as a collection of still photos evolves into a captivating, immersive digital tour.