Impel Acquires Automotive Customer Engagement Platform Outsell
in $100M+ Deal, Expanding to 8,000 Dealerships, 51 Countries. | Details


Impel Acquires Automotive Customer Engagement Platform Outsell
in $100M+ Deal, Expanding to 8,000 Dealerships, 51 Countries. | Details

Customer Success Story

Sales AI Significantly Increases
Appointment Set Rates

The Challenge

Maximizing lead conversion without adding headcount

The Solution

Impel’s Sales AI enhances the effectiveness of existing sales staff to drive higher lead conversion

Manual lead processing creates missed opportunities

The Sales team at Bob Rohrman Kia had no shortage of opportunities. Leads were coming in from multiple channels at all times of the day and night, with more than 45% originating during off-hours.

With rapidly growing lead volume, the sales team was stretched to its limit. Responding to every inbound inquiry while trying to nurture customer relationships was becoming increasingly difficult. Too much time was being spent answering basic questions and chasing unresponsive leads, preventing sales reps
from focusing on closing deals.

Employee frustration was growing, but what could be done without adding additional headcount?

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"We would have our best salespeople spend hours every day chasing down questions that came in overnight, only for the sale to go nowhere. I can’t begin to estimate the number of hours or revenue lost."
Allen Gooch, General Manager
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Sales AI helps Rohrman convert more leads

Rohrman’s Sales AI, nicknamed Megan, enables the sales team to focus on closing deals and nurturing low-funnel shoppers. That’s because Megan takes care of everything else – from after-hours lead handling to long-term follow up and even appointment scheduling.

Sales AI ensures that Rohrman responds to every internet lead, delivering personalized replies via SMS text and email while consistently following up to ensure that shoppers have everything they need to find the perfect vehicle. The best part? Megan works 24/7 so the sales team never has to miss another opportunity.


After just 30 days with Sales AI the Rohrman team saw a 43% increase in showroom appointments set

Sales AI Drives Measurable Business Results


increase in appointment rate


in vehicle sales influenced in the first 12 months


return on investment for Sales AI

About Bob Rohrman Kia

Rohrman Kia offers new and used vehicles, financing, and on-site automotive service. As Indiana’s largest volume Kia dealer, the team at Bob Rohrman Kia takes pride in being the best resource possible for its customers and community.

Lafayette, Indiana | rohrmankia.com

“We couldn’t be happier with Megan ─ I mean, Impel’s Sales AI. It’s really helped us focus on getting deals across the line while she handles the things that don’t need as much hands-on care.”

Ready to convert more leads into showroom appointments?

See for yourself how “hiring” Sales AI can amplify your BDC and Sales staff efforts and boost your sales revenue.