Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

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Impel Names 2023 Q1 Storm Chaser Award Winners

The Storm Chaser Award is a quarterly employee recognition program in which peers nominate colleagues for work that exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond the requirements in their job description. Storm Chasers help enhance our culture, proactively seek solutions, and affect positive change within the company.

During our recent company-wide quarterly meeting, we announced the latest incredible nominees, featuring new and repeat candidates recognized for work that goes above and beyond expectations. The nominations shared examples of how each employee lives out Impel’s values and spoke to each candidate’s dedication. 

In the first quarter, we received an incredible 20 nominations, demonstrating just how many of our team members regularly take on extra responsibilities with sheer excitement — and how enthusiastic we are to lift each other up.

We’re honored to announce the winners of Impel’s most recent Storm Chaser Award: Helena McCutcheon, Josh Newfield and Natia Khvichia. Congratulations, Storm Chasers, and thank you for helping make Impel great!

Helena McCutcheon, Customer Success Manager

“You’d never know that Helena carries such a huge workload because whenever you talk to her, she is friendly, kind, positive, and willing to take on more if it will make a difference to our customers or our company. I admire her grit, her passion, her positivity, her resilience, and her poise!”

“Helena is the grittiest person I know. She somehow manages to go the extra mile with her role, take classes to earn her second master’s degree, and be there for her senior in high school. She is always helping new hires, working weekends, and building deep relationships with her clients!”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means to her, Helena said, “It’s great to get recognized by your peers but even better when you are remote and not quite sure if the passion and drive that you have resonates across the organization. This just goes to show that we are very connected near and far!”

Josh Newfield, Customer Success Manager – Enterprise

“Josh’s passion is contagious and admirable and exemplifies the Impel core values. We are not on the same team but he is ALWAYS willing to take extra time out of his busy day to explain whatever help I may need. He goes above and beyond for his customers as well as his colleagues.”

“Josh is a wealth of knowledge and is always seeking more and sharing with others. His thoughtful kindness and diligent dedication push us through the storm so we can walk out on the other side, together.”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means to him, Josh said, “Being nominated and chosen to be a Storm Chaser is truly meaningful to me. Fostering relationships among my peers and helping enable all those around me is something I feel is instrumental for myself, the teams I am associated with and the company as a whole. Having this recognition from my peers means that those around me recognize that I am a dependable, open, available & knowledgeable member of Impel that can be turned to for support when needed.  Thank you, everyone!

Natia Khvichia, Human Resources/Ops Administrator

“Natia understands the importance of employee engagement and works tirelessly to create a positive and inclusive workplace culture. She is dedicated to supporting employees, providing opportunities for growth and development, and ensuring that everyone feels appreciated.”

“Natia’s unwavering willingness to take on additional tasks and responsibilities, even outside of her usual job duties, is a true testament to her proactive attitude and her commitment to helping others. She has become an irreplaceable asset to the team, and her positive energy and can-do spirit have truly uplifted the entire department.”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means to her, Natia said, “Thrilled and honored to join the Storm Chaser group! To me, being a Storm Chaser means having the willpower to pursue tornadoes, even when fear creeps in. It takes grit, determination, and a self-assured attitude to weather any storm. Each day at Impel feels like a fresh expedition, with a lot of exhilarating challenges on the horizon.”

We could not be more proud of our Storm Chasers. They embody everything Impel stands for and are wonderful assets to our team! We are excited to continue to reward and recognize employees with this award every quarter throughout the year.