Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

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A Year in Review: Top 10 New Product Features of 2017

As we come to a close on the first month of 2018, our developers are hard at work building cutting-edge technologies that will continue to help you move more metal. It’s also a good time to reflect back on the top 10 features from 2017 that transformed the way our customers merchandise vehicles.


  1. 360° WalkAround Redesign
    This redesign has improved the user experience, focusing on engaging users with even more interactive options and using the latest best practices in human interface design.
  2. Virtual Reality Mode
    With Virtual Reality Mode, you can ‘sit’ in the driver’s seat without physically stepping in the car. This customized tour gives you an interactive experience while shopping online, tapping into the device’s gyroscope to provide an intuitive, super-engaging look at the vehicle.
  3. Video Retargeting
    In 2017 we transformed the way you do retargeting, adding the ability to automatically create custom videos based on your users’ actions on your website, which reengages them at a rate 10x higher than the industry average.
  4. Large Group Reporting
    Large dealer groups & OEMs are now able to slice and dice data any way they please – in aggregate, by location, by brand, etc. This provides the most actionable view of your website activity.
  5. Easy Facebook Pano Syndication
    It’s no secret that social media is a great way to reach your customers. With our quick link for dealers to download a pano in the 360 Manager, you can seamlessly upload it to Facebook to share with your followers. These auto-interactive panos are driving outsized engagement for participating dealers.
  6. Ability to Add 3X More Hotspots
    Hotspots allow customers to take a closer look at the unique features of a car. Now you can add more hotspots than before, including embedded videos, close-up photos and OEM collateral that will help engage your customers.
  7. 50% Faster Uploads with New Codec
    The sooner your inventory is available online, the sooner you can sell. This product update helps you get your inventory to market faster, by leveraging iOS 11’s support of this new video format.
  8. Custom Overlays
    To help you brand and market your dealership even more effectively, this feature allows you to add a custom overlay to the first photo of each vehicle.
  9. Time Saving Image Extraction
    Taking interior images has never been easier with interior image extraction from our pano images. Before this feature, the photographer would snap an additional 3-4 static photos of the interior. Now you can extract 6 ‘faces’ of the pano and include those in your photo feed, saving you even more time.
  10. Now Available in 6 Languages.
    Our app is growing globally. Users are now able to download the Impel® Capture App in Russian, German, Spanish, French, Czech and of course English.  


In 2018 we will introduce even more features that will help you improve your online merchandising efforts. Stay tuned for more updates on these upcoming features:

  • Background Blur
  • Augmented Reality Capture
  • Augmented Reality Accessorization


Which of these features had the biggest impact on your business? What feature are you most looking forward to in 2018?