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Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

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Dealer Spotlight: AMSI Mercedes Benz of Naples


Mercedes Benz of Naples in Naples, FL is a great example of a dealership that goes above and beyond for their clients; they’re exactly the kind of store we love to spotlight here at Impel (formerly SpinCar)! We had the chance to catch up with their Internet Sales Manager, Patrick Westin, to learn a bit about this AMSI store and what sets them apart:

MB of Naples has been serving their area for 27 years with David Wachs at the helm as General Manager and Dealer Principal for the past eight. “We’re unique and blessed to be in a community surrounded by top CEOs. We are very involved in our great, philanthropic community,” said Patrick. “We’re a boutique store providing a Ritz Carlton style service to the community. Expectations are very high in our community, we rise to that challenge.” The dealership participates in several charities in Naples each year to provide scholarships and promote education.

Patrick WestinPatrick and his internet department team take a “cradle-to-grave” approach to their hand off to sales. From the very beginning of the car buying process, customers submitting leads on their site are helped by the same representative. They focus on creating a human experience for their shoppers, building up excitement to come in and meet the representative they’ve been speaking to from the first point of contact.

We just love Impel, it’s a good system. It allowed us to cut our number of pictures down from 56 to 24. People enjoy spinning the cars, engagement is absolutely there.”

Patrick Westin, Internet Sales Manager, Mercedes Benz of Naples

Patrick brings a unique perspective to the automotive business with his background in client relations and banking, an experience that aligns itself well with MB of Naples’ commitment to customer service. This background has given him the insight to make clear needs analyses and ask the right questions of clients in order to find the best fit for them.

Here’s a great example of their commitment to customer service and providing the right fit: When a man from Arizona called looking to surprise his daughter Markelle, with a new car, Patrick couldn’t help but get in on the fun. The dad wanted to give her a newer, safer car since she had just started college so far from home. A VW Beetle they had on the lot seemed like the perfect fit and after showing the man everything about the car that he needed to feel comfortable, he made the purchase without ever coming in for a test drive!

The real fun happened next when Patrick, posing as a collector for some hospital bills Markelle had accrued, delivered the car right to her. “It was the ultimate win, to share in that moment with them,” he said of the experience. Check out her reaction in the video below: