Impel adds WhatsApp messaging to AI-Powered Customer Lifecycle Management Platform | Read More

Impel adds WhatsApp messaging to AI-Powered Customer Lifecycle Management Platform | Read More

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Employee Spotlight: Alyse Leo-Randazzo

Impel’s Employee Spotlight Series highlights a member of our incredible team each month, giving you an authentic and behind-the-scenes look at our culture. Team Impel is comprised of musicians, foodies, avid animal lovers, athletes, and more – and their energy, grit, and inventiveness are what make Impel successful. This month we’re introducing you Alyse Leo-Randazzo, a member of our Specialty Sales Team.

What is your role at Impel?
As the Specialty Sales Coordinator (SSC), I assist the sales managers in prospecting Specialty dealer groups and educating dealerships on what we do. In the vehicle industry, “Specialty” refers to non-automotive vehicles like RVs, motorcycles, Powersports, boating, and many others. I am the right-hand woman to the managers, helping them to plan trips and events that will help our department grow and increase sales as well as working between all the pods and departments to make sure everyone is on the same page and our customers are positioned to thrive.

Which core value resonates with you the most?
This is a tough choice because I feel all of the values are very important and help a company to succeed, but Grit is the core value that resonates with me the most. It takes a lot of grit and determination to cold call every day. Not giving up is the key to success as an SSC.

How have you grown professionally while at Impel?
When I started at Impel, I was the SDR (Sales Development Representative) for our SMB team, and after six months I joined the Enterprise team to help them expand and to train an additional SDR. It has been great to grow within the different groups in the company! During my time here I have also been tasked with helping Implementation and Customer Success Managers which has helped me to truly understand the whole process and I’m able to use these skills when reaching out to new dealers.

What do you think is the most unique aspect of working here?
I think the most unique aspect of working here is that the company is constantly changing and growing. There are so many opportunities within Impel. When I started, our SMB team was the only department with SDRs. Now every sales team has an SDR and is continuing to grow so fast!

Weezy and Ginger

Walk us through a day in the life of Alyse. What does your routine look like?
Every day is so different! I always like to start my day off with extra strength coffee and lots of kitty cuddles before going to work. Once I am at work I like to plan out my day by writing a list of what I would like to accomplish. I then begin my focus on researching different Specialty verticals for dealers that are the perfect fit for Impel. Stalking is a huge part of my job (but in a totally normal, professional way!) as I try to find the right person to connect with and their contact information. Once I have that, it is GO time! I can then spend my day reaching out to every decision-maker and sharing more about Impel’s digital engagement platform. I like to finish the day off with a nice walk outside (when the weather allows it) and more kitty cuddles.

What shows are you binge-watching right now?
I love reality TV, it is my guilty pleasure! Bravo is my go-to. I am a big fan of The Real Housewives shows! I recently hopped on the Breaking Bad bandwagon and binge-watched the whole series.

What is your personal motto or mantra? How do you live it every day?
“I will not focus on what I can’t control” is a personal mantra of mine. It helps me focus on not stressing out over the little things. When I feel like I am getting stressed or overwhelmed I remind myself to focus on the parts of my life that I can control. There is a lot of rejection in cold calling, the key is to not take it personally and to keep persevering.

Alyse continues to make an impact on market penetration every day in her role as a Specialty Sales Coordinator. She’s quick to offer up help, answer questions, and you can always count on her for a laugh with her witty one-liners. Follow us on the Impel Facebook and Impel Instagram pages for updates. Be on the lookout for next month’s employee spotlight on Beka Nadirashvili, Customer Support Team Lead in our Tbilisi office.