Impel CEO & Co-founder Devin Daly wins Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2024 New York Award | Read More

Impel CEO & Co-founder Devin Daly wins Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2024 New York Award | Read More

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Gyroscopic Guided Capture

Impel never stops innovating. We’re constantly designing new solutions to help our dealers engage, delight, and convert customers with the most exceptional customer experiences in the automotive industry.

The latest update to Impel’s 360 WalkAround Capture app is no exception. According to dealer feedback, capturing spins, images, and uploading wirelessly to their website using Impel’s Capture App takes less than 15 minutes. However, reshooting and editing poor-quality photos and videos is a constant and costly hassle that can kill productivity. Additionally, photographers can turn over at high rates, and frequent retraining can drag down the imaging and merchandising process. 

We listened, and the result is Impel’s new Gyroscopic Guided Capture feature, enabling photographers to shoot high quality 360 WalkAround content the first time with greater quality and consistency across all of their inventory. Impel’s latest enhancement makes dealership photographers and staff more efficient and productive, improving operations and speed to market. It works within a dealer’s current workflows and  requires no additional training or onboarding.

During the spin capture process, photographers receive real-time, color-coded messaging, alerting them to adjust speed, pacing, device leveling, and direction. Plus, the Automatic Spin Completion feature uses Impel’s exclusive AI to complete 360-degree spins and finish at the right time, even if the photographer passes the starting point!

The end result delivers consistent high-quality spins across your entire inventory, resulting  in minimal post-production editing and faster time to market. Additionally, Gyroscopic Guided Capture helps minimize the need for retraining newer staff and ensures they receive real-time coaching in-app, while shooting. 

Impel’s new Gyroscope-Guided Capture feature helps your photographers produce excellent 360 WalkArounds the first time so you can accelerate your inventory GTM. Discover how Impel’s 360 WalkAround and Gyroscopic Guided Capture can supercharge your digital storefront.