Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

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Impel Employee Spotlight: Sopho Khokhonishvili

Team Impel includes musicians, foodies, avid animal lovers, athletes, and more, and their passion, energy, and grit make Impel successful. Impel’s Employee Spotlight Series highlights one of our incredible teammates each month, giving you an authentic and behind-the-scenes look at our culture. This month we’re introducing you to Sopho Khokhonishvili, a Quality Analyst in our Tbilisi, Georgia office.

As a Quality Analyst, what does your average day look like?
To start my week, I get lost in the excel sheets going through the tagged data from the previous week. This is also when I communicate with other teams, answer/ask questions, share data and more. I might also have additional tasks from the Quality Assurance (QA) or US teams that I work into my week.

Which Impel core value resonates with you the most and why?
Out of all the Impel core values, Inventiveness is the closest and most prominent feature of my life. I would say being curious is one of the primary motivators that keeps propelling me forward! 

What about your role/teammates inspires you the most? Why?
My team’s ability to put their everything into their work, and withstand critical situations coupled with unconditional support and a sense of humor is both comforting and inspiring.

How do you define success?
There are many roads to success. I believe having a sense of purpose and understanding the significance of our work contributes to self-perceived success. 

What is the best career lesson you have learned so far?
Throughout the years I have learned, and am still learning, the importance of communication. Proper communication, or the lack thereof, can make or break a project. It saves time, money, feelings, and sometimes people.

What are you currently reading or watching? Do you have any recommendations?
I am currently reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. The last thing I watched was Mirror by Andrei Tarkovsky. I recommend his work for people who like surreal settings and intangible feelings. Works of nonclassical directors such as Paul Thomas Anderson, Charlie Kaufman, Shane Carruth, Coen brothers, and Yorgos Lanthimos deserve some love too.

Your favorite movie is Anomalisa, a stop-motion animated psychological film. What are your takeaways from the film?
The intricacies of the human psyche and inner mental state are shown very well, almost endearingly. However, Anomalisa is a depressing movie and serves as a reminder how not to live my life.

What do you like to do on your days off?
So many different things! I like to read, listen to music, watch movies/anime, do unnecessary DIY projects, play board games, paint, visit new areas with my friends, and have long conversations.

What topic could you give an hour-long presentation on with little to no preparation?
Liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy instrumentation and analysis techniques.

What is one thing you can’t live without, and why?
The lowest layer of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I believe we can adapt to anything else other than that.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself with more skills, knowledge, and responsibility. I hope to merge several of my interests and nurture creativity with personal projects.

Sopho’s obvious brilliance is what makes her such an asset to the QA team. Her curiosity fuels both her professional and personal lives – who else do you know who could effortlessly talk for an hour about liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy instrumentation?