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Impel Employee Spotlight: Zach Holt

Team Impel includes musicians, foodies, avid animal lovers, athletes, and more, and their passion, energy, and grit make Impel successful. Impel’s Employee Spotlight Series highlights one of our incredible teammates each month, giving you an authentic and behind-the-scenes look at our culture. This month we’re introducing you to Multimedia Specialist Zach Holt.

You recently celebrated your five-year anniversary with Impel, congrats! How has your role and the company changed in that time?
Thank you! My role has developed tremendously since my first year here. I started as your typical graphic designer, working specifically in digital and print, and only working with 1-2 people. Now I am collaborating across the entire company and working on web design, UI/UX, photography, video, and digital advertising. Impel has since tripled the number of employees, added more products and technologies to its platform, and acquired two companies. Our culture and employees have also grown and matured. 

Tell us what a typical week is like for you.
A typical week for me has a really broad spectrum of projects. I check our project board in Trello each morning of the week and track upcoming projects we have for the next two weeks. Then, I’ll design assets for email, web, social or customer-focused initiatives. Projects often pop up that require fast turnarounds – and in Marketing, you need to learn how to pivot with precision!

Which Impel core value resonates with you the most and why?
Passion. My passion supports all my other personal and company values. With the passion to lead, create, improve and own our brand; inventiveness, relationships, grit, results and energy all follow quickly behind.

What skills do you think are essential to be successful in your position?
Multitasking, organization, project management, curiosity, and an open mind to critique and change.

Tell us about a project you worked on that you are most proud of.
I would say the multiple rebrands of our company. The projects consisted of working with the marketing team and an agency to determine a new brand voice, tone and visual representation. Multiple rounds and months of decision-making have to happen before anything is ready to be published. Most of my role was to determine color, logo design and typography and how we would apply this to a website and other customer-facing assets. After all was said and done, the largest part of the project was applying this new brand across all channels for multiple weeks and months with very late hours. I always take a pretty big role in these situations and it’s always satisfying to finish and for others to experience.

What do you think makes our company culture unique?
The relationships among all our employees. We all share unique friendships with one another and I think that helps with transparency and makes us a cohesive team.

What are some ways you’ve seen the company make a positive impact on the community?
Through the support of local restaurants during the pandemic, using local vendors for print materials and swag instead of national corporations, and creating relationships with community organizations through workshops, fundraising events and charitable support. We also have an annual golf tournament that’s helped us raise more than $30,000 over the years.

You’re a big sports fan of the teams from your hometown, Buffalo. What’s been your most memorable fan moment ever?
Definitely going to the Buffalo Bills midnight playoff game against the New England Patriots. It was the first ever “perfect” playoff game, with sub-zero temperatures and a team we are big rivals with – it was the recipe for a memorable night.

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots

Who is someone that has been a role model or mentor to you, and how have they impacted your life?

My Father. His personal patience and grit have rubbed off on me and have allowed me to overcome obstacles, not give up, and control situations when all seems lost.

What is something that you’re looking forward to in the near future?
1,000% the continuation of this company. Every year we strengthen our grip on technology and separate further from the competition. I also am very excited about our new office location opening in the fall!

Zach has been an integral part of the company and culture over the last five years, and continues to contribute to its success. He’s also a member of our Different Together Committee, which focuses on diversity, inclusion, and fairness at Impel and in our communities. We consider ourselves pretty lucky to have him!