Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

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Impel Names Q4 Storm Chaser Award Winners

The Storm Chaser Award is a quarterly employee recognition program in which peers nominate colleagues for work that exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond the requirements in their job description. Storm Chasers help enhance our culture, proactively seek solutions, and affect positive change within the company.

During our recent New Year kickoff meeting, we announced the latest incredible nominees, featuring new and repeat candidates recognized for work that goes above and beyond expectations. The nominations shared examples of how each employee lives out Impel’s values and spoke to each candidate’s dedication. 

In the fourth quarter, we received an incredible 21 nominations, demonstrating just how many of our team members regularly take on extra responsibilities with sheer excitement — and how enthusiastic we are to lift each other up.

We’re honored to announce the winners of Impel’s most recent Storm Chaser Award: Alex Nowak, Carly DiCocco, and Phil Lunas. Congratulations, Storm Chasers, and thank you for helping make Impel great!

Alex Nowak, Sales Development Representative

“Alex’s willingness to go above and beyond is unmatched, he is always willing to lend a helping hand and I find myself walking away from every conversation I have with him happier than I was before. He is a true gift to this company.”

“A Storm Chaser is someone who would openly run into the storm to help others, and this is Alex. I have never met someone who is so excited to help other people and be part of a team.”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means, Alex said, “To me being a Storm Chaser means that even though the task may not fall directly under your job description, if it’s for the better of the company or to better relationships around the company – it will be done.”

Carly DiCocco, Marketing Events Manager

“Carly always goes above and beyond for our team and the company. She is the first to volunteer and always makes sure that the company culture is thought of and the team is taken care of.”

“Carly always goes above and beyond to make sure events are organized and well attended. She is always jumping into things that do not seem important to others, but are tasks that need to get done.”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means to her, Carly said, “I’m privileged to be recognized by my peers as a Storm Chaser for Q4. Being a Storm Chaser means showing up every day with energy and passion for the work ahead of you. I have amazing peers and teammates on the Employee Engagement Committee who helped me embrace the ‘tornado’ and achieve great things this quarter.”

Phil Lunas, VP of Revenue Operations

“Phil has always been someone I could reach out to with any questions, and on top of being there for anything I need work-wise, he goes above and beyond for Impel. He’s what all Impel employees should strive to be.”

“Phil is always ready to help and makes sure that people who work with him are always comfortable. He is an excellent mentor and a role model – I get to learn a lot of things from him.”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means to him, Phil said, “It’s a great honor to be recognized as a Storm Chaser for Q4. Our teams are consistently challenged in this ever-changing business, and embracing those challenges with the approach of going above and beyond what’s expected is what makes us successful here.  I’m in amazing company here with past winners, and I look forward to the challenges and storms ahead.”

We could not be more proud of our Storm Chasers. They embody everything Impel stands for and are wonderful assets to our team! We are excited to continue to reward and recognize employees with this award every quarter throughout the year.