Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

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Impel Names Storm Chaser Award Winners

The Storm Chaser Award is a quarterly employee recognition program where peers nominate colleagues for embodying our core values and actively living them out in everything we do. Storm Chasers help enhance our culture, proactively seek solutions, and affect positive change within the company.

During our recent company meeting, we revisited at the challenges of 2020 and looked ahead at our goals for 2021. We also announced the latest incredible nominees and saw both recurring and brand new faces being recognized for work that goes above and beyond expectations. The nominations spoke of each candidate’s character, grit and dedication, and shared examples of exactly how each employee lives out Impel’s values.

We’re excited to announce the winners of Impel’s fourth quarter Storm Chaser Award: Kerry Boyle, Thiel Valdes, and Carly DiCocco. Check out our winners and the great things their peers had to say about each of them.

Original (22)Kerry Boyle, Tech Support CRM Specialist

“Kerry manages the App Beta program, works closely with the Customer Success and Sales teams to resolve issues and continue relationships with customers, mentors new employees, and volunteers for any project.”

“Everyone has that ‘go-to person’ or ‘persons’ within each department that you know you can rely on in a pinch to make things happen – and Kerry is definitely one of those people.”

“Kerry is an excellent communicator and takes the time to give thorough and detailed explanations of the issues at hand. There are many people within Impel that are unsung heroes – and Kerry is a hero in every sense of the word.”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means to her, Kerry said “To me, being a Storm Chaser means embracing the tornado and everything the day to day job throws at you. One of my favorite parts about working at Impel is that each day is different, you never really know what’s going to happen. This opens up so many opportunities to learn new things, create intuitive solutions for our dealers, and collaborate with other departments. I love helping my coworkers in any way I can, whether it’s answering their questions, assisting with tasks, or providing feedback for new projects, it’s something I truly enjoy. To have my peers see that as embracing the core values of Impel and going above and beyond the expectations of my job is extremely humbling.”

Original (23)Thiel Valdes, Regional Sales Manager

“Thiel is dedicated to closing every deal.”

“Thiel gives feedback to help others succeed and, when he recognizes someone who is trying their hardest or someone who just hit an accomplishment, he is vocal with praising them.”

“He will rearrange his day to jump on a customer demo or kick-off call and always helps with simple customer questions. If someone needs a Spanish translation, he jumps at the opportunity to help his colleague make their customer happy.”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means to him, Thiel said “To be seen as someone that goes above and beyond around a group of individuals that are always pushing for amazing results means the world to me. We have an incredible team and I believe we all tackle the ‘storm’ together! I am very humbled and honored to receive this award.”

IMG_4814-1Carly DiCocco, Marketing Specialist

“Carly has always stepped up when asked and understands the value of building a strong culture.”

“Carly demonstrates herself as a leader in every Employee Engagement Committee meeting by providing valuable input and guidance to others as well as helping to shape the EEC’s plans for the next quarter. Any time the EEC has a successful initiative, you can be sure Carly had a part in it.”

“Carly expertly managed the planning of employee and customer gifts, ensuring everyone received awesome gifts on time. She coordinated custom gifts for high profile customers and labored over every detail of the packaging and inserts to make sure every customer was surprised and delighted by their holiday gift. The feedback we got on these gifts was incredible, thanks to Carly.”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means to her, Carly said “I feel incredibly lucky to have been nominated as a Storm Chaser by my peers, but that pales in comparison to how lucky I am to be surrounded by such amazing team members every day. Being a Storm Chaser means having passion for every part of our culture, our people, and our work. It means living out our values in ways that extend well beyond our office walls and into our communities. I am energized by our culture and our work environment, and I love nothing more than contributing to it.”

We could not be more proud of these three Storm Chasers. They embody everything Impel stands for and are wonderful assets to our team! We are excited to continue to reward and recognize employees with this award every quarter throughout the year.