Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

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Introducing Chat AI: Revolutionizing Automotive Customer Service

Chat Ai

In the ever-evolving world of automotive retail, delivering exceptional customer service is a key differentiator for dealerships. The ability to engage customers in meaningful conversations, provide accurate information, and guide them along their purchase journey is crucial. That’s why Impel developed Chat AI, a groundbreaking AI solution designed specifically for automotive retailers and their customers.

At the heart of Chat AI lies the power of generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). Leveraging the industry’s most advanced LLM technology, Chat AI offers engaging and natural conversational dialogue that sets it apart from traditional chatbots available today. Through its extensive training on over 100 million automotive conversations and deep behavioral insights from shoppers and customers, Chat AI is finely tuned to provide exceptional automotive customer service.

So, what makes Chat AI a game-changer in the automotive industry? Let’s dive into its key features and benefits.

Tailored for the Auto Industry

Impel is the industry leader in AI and digital engagement solutions for the automotive sector, boasting over five years of experience in developing, training, and optimizing next-gen AI applications and LLMs. Drawing from vast amounts of data and extensive firsthand behavioral insights, Impel has crafted Chat AI specifically for the auto industry.

With its deep understanding of AI technology and the auto consumer, Impel has developed a proprietary Optimization Layer. This ensures that Chat AI is not just a generic chatbot but a powerful tool that drives specific business outcomes for car dealers. The tailored approach of Chat AI enables it to provide accurate and contextually relevant responses to automotive-specific queries, giving customers the exact information they need at every point in their buying journey.

Seamless Integration with Inventory Data and CRM Systems

To enhance its functionality and deliver personalized experiences, Chat AI integrates seamlessly with inventory data feeds and CRM systems. By utilizing inventory data feeds, Chat AI can provide VIN-specific answers to questions about vehicle specifications, trim models, features, and more. This level of detail enables customers to make informed decisions about their potential purchases. Additionally, Chat AI integrates with leading CRM systems, ensuring a smooth flow of information and enabling the platform to set appointments directly within the CRM. This seamless integration enhances the efficiency of the sales process, empowering both customers and dealership staff.

Future-Ready Personalization and Recommendations

Chat AI is designed to evolve with the needs of the automotive industry. Shortly after its launch, it will integrate with Impel’s Merchandising suite and proprietary customer behavioral data. This integration will enable even more personalized conversations and recommendations tailored to each customer’s demonstrated interests. By analyzing customer preferences and behaviors, Chat AI will provide relevant vehicle options and features, creating a highly personalized buying experience. This level of personalization and integration across products sets Chat AI a part as an industry leader and provides a consistent experience for customers, as well as a cohesive solution for dealerships.

Embrace the Future of Automotive Customer Service
with Chat AI

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Impel’s Chat AI is at the forefront of innovation, driving specific business outcomes for car dealerships. Its ability to engage customers with natural dialogue, provide accurate information, and move them closer to making a purchase sets it apart as a powerful solution in the quest for exceptional automotive customer service. Learn more about Chat AI in this article from Automotive News.