Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

Former Cox Automotive and LivePerson Executive Skip Dowd Joins Impel as Senior Director, Partnerships | Read More

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Winning with Innovative Vehicle Merchandising

Recently, on Progressive Retail with Cory Mosley, Bruce O’Brien, VP of sales at Impel (formerly SpinCar), sat down to talk about Impel and the benefits of vehicle merchandising, and the impact it has on customer experience. As most dealers are aware, it takes more today to sell a car than it did just a few short years ago. As the world becomes more digital, dealers have found it crucial to their business to adapt and evolve how they market and sell car inventory accordingly.

Additionally, as consumers shop on their phones and online, they have access to browse as many cars as they want, prolonging the decision-making process to purchase a vehicle and potentially taking them longer to get into a store. This makes the importance of online vehicle merchandising higher than ever.

Because of these changes in customer behavior across the auto industry, dealers are looking to innovations in technology for vehicle merchandising so that the customer’s experience aligns with their expectations of the car-buying process.

Impel is leading the way

Effective vehicle merchandising through innovative technology is where Impel is leading the way. Impel’s Mobile Car Capture app gives auto photographers, and therefore dealers, the power to showcase a vehicle in revolutionary ways while saving time and money. Consumers demand more vehicle information than ever before during the research phase of the sales process, and Impel’s Car Capture app makes meeting that demand possible, and easy by maximizing your online vehicle merchandising presence.

Winning sales beyond the dealership

Impel sets itself apart from other 360-view technology that exists in the marketplace because of the Impel Mobile Car Capture App. With the app, the customer experience becomes more immersive, and with the app’s VR technology, the customer can interact with the vehicle as if they were sitting directly in the driver’s seat. Impel’s 360 WalkAround empowers dealers to improve customer experience the way that is needed to win sales before a customer even walks through the door. Additionally, the app reduces the amount of time it takes to get photos from the car to the web, thereby reducing time to market, improving the chance of a sale – all because of a better customer experience.

Breaking away from the pack

Interactive vehicle merchandising in the auto industry will continue to evolve to meet customer needs. When dealerships aren’t taking advantage of that technology or innovating on their own, they are missing out on sales. Interactive vehicle merchandising sets dealers apart from the rest because of the transparent and immersive view of a car, as if they saw it in person. Impel is helping dealers break away from the rest of the pack with technology and marketing intelligence that makes the customer experience more transparent, immersive and informative.

Vehicle merchandising will continue to change as the customer’s wants and needs evolve. Impel is proud to lead the industry with our customer experience focused innovation and technology. Watch Bruce’s full interview here: